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Download Microsoft ExcelDownload Microsoft Excel.

All in all, Microsoft Excel is capable of handling various types of data and provides you the facility of opening and editing these files with the help of various useful options. You can access data from many resources, store it in tabular form, apply formulas to perform calculations, generate graphical visualizations and store the output file as spreadsheet or any other compatible format.

Microsoft Excel Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details.

Software description.

Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft’s main suite – Microsoft Office. There are a number of things you can do in Excel, from building simple spreadsheets to complex, formula-driven tables. The software also allows you to create several different types of graphs, such as pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, column graphs and stacked bar graphs. Microsoft Excel takes your collected data and turns it into an intuitive, simple-to-use analysis spreadsheet. The program also comes with calculation features as well as Visual Basic for Applications – a macro programming language. Since its initial release in 1987, Microsoft Excel has become the industry standard for spreadsheets.

Features – Basic Operation.

Through cells, numbered rows and letter-named columns, Microsoft Excel makes it easier for you to organize data. Whether you need it for statistics, finances or even engineering, Excel has many functions to answer to your needs. Due to the integrated Visual Basic for Applications, it is possible to solve mathematical equations and report the results back to your spreadsheet. As part of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel also works seamlessly in connection with other Microsoft products, such as Word and Powerpoint.


Generate graphs, histograms and charts from groups of cells easily and efficiently. Once created, the graphic can be embedded in the current spreadsheet or added as a separate object on its own. You can easily change the way the graph displays the data by simply changing the content of the cells.


Having been improved by AI, Excel learns the patterns, thus organizing the data more rapidly. You can create a spreadsheet from scratch or use one of the many templates available, besides applying calculations with modern formulas. There are over 40 categories of templates for you to download.

Better understand your data.

The new Microsoft Excel comes with new graphs, tables and visuals, which presents your information in a more attractive way. You can also use mini graphs, tables and formatting to make it easier for others to understand the data presented.

Easy sharing.

Now you can share your spreadsheets with other people and collaborate at the same time. That makes you get the job done faster. You can also access Excel from your mobile, as well as edit and share documents from your smartphone.

System requirements:

Processor dual-core 1,6 GHz for PC, Intel for Mac Windows 10 for PC, Mac OS for Mac 4GB RAM (64 bits) or 2GB RAM (32 bits) for PC, 4GB RAM for Mac 4GB free space on HD for PC, 10GB free space on HD for Mac Resolution 1024 x 768 for PC, 1280 x 800 for Mac Internet connection Microsoft account.

Many additional features come with Microsoft Excel, including:

Solver Add-In: Tools to optimize and solve equations Analysis ToolPak VBA Euro Currency Tools: Tool to convert and format Euro currency Analysis ToolPax: Analysis of variance and regression analysis.

To purchase Microsoft Excel, you can do so separately or through subscribing to Office 365. Office 365 comes with the whole Office Suite plus 1TB free space on the cloud.