Microsoft Excel for iPhone

Microsoft Excel for iPhoneMicrosoft Excel for iPhone.

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Editors’ Review.

by Joshua Rotter / March 01, 2016.

Microsoft Excel for iOS enables you to view, edit, and create spreadsheets on your iPhone and iPad.

26 document templates: With templates such as Annual Financial Report, Invoice, Workout Log, and Video Game Tracker, Excel offers plenty of ways to format, track, and analyze your projects.

Various charting methods: Use tables, charts, pivot tables, sparklines, or photos to organize your data. If you are unsure which format works best for your project, tap Insert and then Recommended. You can use your pen, finger, or Apple Pencil to write, draw, or highlight on your spreadsheet using the supported toolset.

Improved formula building and editing: With the Formula Bar, complete with a formula keyboard, formula building is quicker and easier. Input formulas by typing them in or selecting drop-down functions, such as Fill. The ability to sort and filter with the touch of a button further expedites the process.

Automatic saving: All changes are saved automatically so that you don’t forget to save and lose data.

Continuity: Start a spreadsheet on one device and then continue it on another. Content and formatting will appear the same across all platforms.

Great iOS 9 integration: Use Spotlight search to discover and open recent spreadsheets from your home screen. Run Excel side by side with other apps on the iPad Pro when multitasking. Use 3D Touch to create or open a spreadsheet from your iPhone’s home screen (6S and 6 Plus only).

Access from any device: With one Office 365 subscription, all your Excel documents will be synced and accessible from all your devices.

Office 365 is mandatory for iPad Pro users: If you’re on an iPhone or iPad 1, 2, Air, or Mini, you need to sign up for a Microsoft account to create or edit spreadsheets. If you’re on an iPad Pro, you must pay for the Office 365 subscription to create or edit a spreadsheet. Some may decide to use a free alternative such as Google Sheets instead.

Needs iPad Pro’s larger screen: In testing, we found working in Excel on the smaller iPhone and iPad screens too cumbersome.

Bottom Line.

Microsoft Excel for iOS is an excellent spreadsheet app for work and play. While it works well enough on all iOS devices, it really benefits from the iPad Pro’s larger screen.